North Korea says it tested new nuclear underwater attack drone

A new nuclear underwater attack drone was tested this week under the direction of leader Kim Jong Un, as a U.S. amphibious assault ship arrived in South Korea for joint exercises, the North’s state news agency KCNA said on Friday. North Korea’s state news agency also confirmed that it fired the cruise missile during a … Read more

Canada loses to Germany 8-3 in women’s curling world championship round robin

Canada’s Kerri Einarson lost 8-3 to Germany’s Daniela Jentsch in the round robin at the Women’s World Championships in Curling. Einarson and her Manitoba team of Val Sweeting, Shannon Birchard and Briane Harris conceded after giving up four runs in the eighth. Canada will face South Korea’s Seungyoun Ha at Goranson Arena later Wednesday. Einason … Read more

How three portfolio managers are investing in emerging markets this year

Economies with greater domestic demand, such as Brazil and India, are better placed to weather a more challenging environment, one expert said.Vanderlei Almeida Sign up for the Globe Advisor weekly newsletter for professional financial advisors on our website Newsletter Signup Page. Get exclusive investing industry news and insights, the top stories of the week and … Read more

North Korea fires ballistic missile as U.S.-South Korea drills continue

A TV screen shows archival images of a North Korean missile launch during a news program at a train station in Seoul, South Korea, March 19.An Yongjun/Associated Press South Korea and Japan said North Korea on Sunday fired a short-range ballistic missile into the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, the latest … Read more

North Korea says ICBM launch in response to rival drill

North Korea said on Friday it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile to “strike the enemy” as South Korea and Japan agreed at a summit to work closely with the United States on regional security and hold military exercises around the region. The missile was launched on Thursday morning when South Korean President Yoon Hek-yeol met … Read more

South Korea and Japan face spring thaw under weight of missiles and history

On March 16, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held a joint press conference at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Tokyo.Reuters The leaders of Japan and South Korea pledged at a meeting on Thursday to end years of hostility, put aside their shared difficult history and pledge to work together … Read more

North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into sea off east coast, South Korea says

People stand next to televisions broadcasting news reports of a North Korean missile test at a train station in Seoul on March 14.anthony wallace North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast on Tuesday, the South Korean military said, the latest in several weapons tests conducted by South Korea … Read more

Seoul: North Korea conducts submarine-launched missile test

South Korea said North Korea test-fired a missile from a submarine. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement on Monday that a North Korean missile launch from a submarine was spotted on Sunday in waters off the eastern North Korean port city of Sinpo. South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities are analyzing … Read more

South Korea pushes to end Japan’s dispute over forced labor

South Korea on Monday announced a controversial plan to raise local private funds to compensate South Koreans who won damages in lawsuits against Japanese companies that enslaved them during World War II. The plan reflects conservative South Korean President Yoon Hek-yeol’s determination to repair strained relations with Japan and cement the Seoul-Tokyo-Washington trilateral security cooperation … Read more