The Fallout of Silicon Valley Banks, a Real Estate Market Correction, and Tax Filing Tips: Must-Read Business and Investing Stories

The closure of Silicon Valley Bank sent shockwaves through global markets and triggered a reassessment of future interest rate paths by central banks, including the Bank of Canada.View RUVIC/Reuters Caught up for a week away? Here’s your weekly digest of the world’s most important business and investing stories, featuring insights and analysis from the pros, … Read more

The prominent Credit Suisse strategist is as bearish as possible.Plus, what Canadian fund managers have been up to in a chaotic week

I don’t always have access to the research of Credit Suisse global strategist Andrew Garthwaite, which is perhaps a good thing given the clear pessimism in his latest report. His latest report was downbeat for a prominent strategist. on Thursday’s Increased defense, but where?, Mr Garthwaite began by warning clients against buying economically sensitive stocks. … Read more

Four key observations for banks in times of crisis.Plus, Rosenberg’s bull case for TSX

RB Advisors, founded by former Merrill Lynch chief quantitative strategist Richard Bernstein, correctly predicted the current market turmoil last year in 2019 The Biggest Risks Facing Portfolios Today. In a new report this week, RB Advisors Deputy Chief Investment Officer Dan Suzuki provides further important context Some Thoughts About Banks By providing four key observations … Read more

David Rosenberg: Why the Long-Term Outlook for Canadian Stocks Looks Positive (Short-Term, Not So Optimistic)

The Canadian economy faces a challenging path forward as the lagged impact of high interest rates is set to further impact highly leveraged consumers and the expanding housing market. Furthermore, Canada’s reliance on exports makes it vulnerable to external demand shocks as recessionary pressures mount globally. However, there are some positive reasons: the Bank of … Read more

Why have $2 billion in bond funds lost money over the past five years?

The least damaging way to own fixed income when rates are rising is to stick with short-dated bonds. When interest rates rise, long-dated bonds lose the most in price, as evidenced by the performance of the BMO Long-Term Federal Bond Index ETF (ZFL-T). The 16.2% loss for the 12 months ended Feb. 28 was severe … Read more

What does the SVB crisis tell investors?Get ready for deflation, more pain in stocks, and a rally in long-dated bonds

Well, this is what happens when the Fed takes the wine bowl — the bowl breaks, and then central banks and regulators respond with glue. The second largest bank failure on record and then, you know what, a bailout at the last second. All Silicon Valley Bank depositors will begin withdrawing their deposits on Monday, … Read more

Bank of Canada rate hike bets dashed: How money markets, economists react to today’s jobs data

canadian economy A net gain of 21,800 jobs in Februarybeating analysts’ forecast for a gain of 10,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate also unexpectedly held steady at 5.0%, Statistics Canada data showed Friday. However, the stronger-than-expected report did not convince most economists that the Bank of Canada will need to raise rates again to cool … Read more

To look for signs of recession, look at U.S. construction employment

If you are an investor looking for leads economy Will be turning in the coming months, let me suggest keeping a close eye on an oft-overlooked number – how many people are employed in the U.S. construction industry. This may seem like a fascinatingly strange statistic, but bear with me. My reasoning begins with the … Read more

Instant reaction: What Wall Street has to say as Fed hikes key rate

The U.S. Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 25 basis points on Wednesday, its eighth hike since March, while signaling further hikes may be needed despite signs that inflation is slowing. The central bank’s latest move has set its benchmark short-term interest rate in a range of 4.5% to 4.75%, the highest level … Read more

Why Fund Managers Are So Divided About 60-40 Portfolios

While bonds have recovered from last year’s rout, one portfolio manager thinks the reprieve will be short-lived.William_Potter/iStockPhoto/Getty Images Sign up for the new Globe Advisor weekly newsletter for professional financial advisors on our website Newsletter Signup Page. Get exclusive investing industry news and insights, the top stories of the week and what you and your … Read more