Opinion: Banks do need to be taxed more – Budget’s new dividend tax makes sense

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland arrive to present the federal budget in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on March 28.Justin Tang/The Canadian Press William O’Connell is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. The federal government … Read more

Morning update: RCMP shuns Vancouver election meddling charges

Good morning, Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Do not investigate foreign interference In last year’s election in Vancouver, despite a Canadian intelligence report alleging that the Chinese consul general tried to influence the outcome of that vote. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service report describes Tong as saying that in a mayoral race, “they need to … Read more

Premarket: World stocks strengthen as investors bet banking crisis is over

Global stock markets continued to maintain a steady tone on Thursday, as investors hoped that the banking sector had reversed recent turmoil to help markets end the quarter on a positive note. The dollar and crude oil prices stabilized as calmer markets kept investors focused on the economy as Spain inflation March fell more than … Read more

Banking explosion may help curb inflation

fighting inflationthe recent explosion in the banking sector may prove to be a good thing. Faced with the specter of a full-blown banking crisis, many Lenders will now be forced to step up their defenses. That usually involves tightening lending standards and limiting credit, something the central bank has been trying to coordinate over the … Read more

Fed backs longer mortgage amortization periods for struggling borrowers

Homes and apartments in Sunnyside, Calgary’s McHugh Bluff base, March 29. Mortgage and rental prices have remained high, and many Canadians have been affected.Jude Brock/Globe and Mail The federal financial consumer regulator has released a set of Guidelines are proposed on how lenders can help cash-strapped mortgage borrowers, including extending the time it takes homeowners … Read more

Evening update: Zelensky warns of unacceptable compromises if Russia becomes entrenched in Ukraine

Good evening, Let’s start with today’s headlines: The latest developments in the war in Ukraine: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Unless his country wins a protracted battle in a key eastern city, Russia may begin to drum up international support for a deal that could require unacceptable compromises from Ukraine. He also invited Chinese leaders … Read more

Opinion: We’ve rescued the banks from this crisis.Now, it’s time to think about punishment

A Silicon Valley Bank security guard forms a long line outside the offices in Santa Clara, Calif., on March 13.justin sullivan David Moscrop is a writer and political commentator.he is too stupid for democracy and a new substack communication. As part of a capitalist market, banking will tell you that it, like any business, operates … Read more

Janet Yellen rejects World Bank capital increase, U.S. nominee expected to lead lender

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday rejected the idea of ​​a near-term capital increase for the World Bank and said she expected the US nominee to lead the institution, former Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga, to be elected president of the multilateral lender. Yellen told U.S. lawmakers she wants the World Bank reformed to substantially … Read more

S&P expects corporate high-yield defaults to double by year-end

S&P Global Ratings Credit Research & Insights said on Wednesday it expects the U.S. trailing 12-month speculative-grade corporate default rate to reach 4% by December, more than double the 1.7% default rate at the end of December 2022. S&P analysts wrote: “If unemployment rises and discretionary spending falls, as we expect, then consumer-dependent industries (which … Read more