Suicide prevention may be linked to decline in suicide rates in Europe: report

Warning: This contains references to suicide. An increase in suicide prevention methods may have played a role in the decline in suicide-related deaths in European countries over the past decade, according to psychologists in Europe. this National Statistical Review The European Psychiatric Association surveyed suicide rates in 38 European countries and concluded that suicide … Read more

Ramadan fasting risks for people with eating disorders

With the start of the Islamic month of Ramadan, Habiba said she was “terrified” by the thought of fasting this year. During her teenage years, the eating disorder morphed into bulimia and binge eating, and she says the habit of not eating or drinking from sunup to sundown exacerbated her need to further restrict her … Read more

Nuba brand drinks recalled in Canada

Nuba brand Carob drinks have been recalled due to potential bacterial contamination. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the product may allow The growth of botulinum, the bacteria that produces botulinum toxin. The affected beverages are sold in 750ml bottles with a best before date of September 30, 2023. It is sold in Ontario, Nova … Read more

Pharmacists in Ontario are getting new prescribing rights

Pharmacists in Ontario are empowered to prescribe new medicines. Doug Ford’s government announced the news in its 2023 budget on Thursday, saying the initial push for pharmacists to prescribe some drugs was “very welcome”. From autumn, expanded prescribing rights will include medications for moderate acne, mouth sores, nappy dermatitis, yeast infections, pinworms and roundworms, and … Read more

How common is autism?American Research Release

New York – For the first time in the United States, black and Hispanic children are more frequently diagnosed with autism than white children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. The CDC estimates that by 2020, 1 in 36 of all 8-year-old American children will have autism. That’s up from one in … Read more

HSC says doctors help sexual assault check-up program

Winnipeg – Another nurse has resigned from a sexual assault screening program and other health care professionals are stepping in to fill the void, a Winnipeg hospital official said. Jennifer Cumpsty, executive director of acute health services at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, said physicians and nurse practitioners are actively involved as well as training … Read more

Neurodivergent Learners: Helping Students Learn Differently

As society learns more about the diversity in how people learn, more educators are advocating for more inclusive and creative teaching methods. One of those educators is Mary Klovance. She is a school counselor and the owner and clinical director of the Neurodiversity Family Center in Victoria, BC. She also suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity … Read more

Equatorial Guinea confirms 8 new cases of Marburg virus

Nairobi, Kenya – Equatorial Guinea has confirmed eight more cases of “highly virulent” Marburg virus, a deadly hemorrhagic fever for which there is no approved vaccine or treatment. The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the total number of cases in the country had reached nine in the outbreak declared in mid-February. There are … Read more

Gridr distributes free home HIV testing in US

Popular LGBTQ2S+ dating app Grindr is partnering with a program to distribute free home HIV tests as part of a new US public health initiative US users will now see a new “Free HIV Home Testing” button in the app’s main menu. Those who order will receive an OraQuick kit: an FDA-approved over-the-counter test that … Read more