US army ads featuring Jonathan Majors pulled after arrest – The Guardian

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Rihanna's 'driver's car stolen from outside her LA home' – Daily Mail

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Mississippi News Anchor Off The Air After Dropping Snoop Dogg Quote – HuffPost

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Watch Dana Carvey impersonate President Biden talking about Adam Sandler – CNN

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Couple opened 11-year marriage to 'brother husband' – Insider

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Chris Rock jokes about the 'Oscars slap' in tribute to Adam Sandler – CNN

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Lady Gaga Joker 2 Movie Filming Scene Was Full of Fans – Vulture

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Succession season 4, episode 1 release date, time, channel, and plot – Digital Trends

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Succession recap: season 4, episode 1, "The Munsters" – The A.V. Club

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