Justin Trudeau hosts AMA on Twitter

Ottawa –

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may not have started thinking about whether mermaids reproduce like fish or like people, but that’s what one man asked him to think about.

In a tweet, Trudeau invited people to ask him any question they wanted, and users on Twitter immediately agreed, asking questions about everything from affordable housing to shoe polish.

Anyone with questions should ask questions in a reply to his tweet and “stay tuned,” he said.

More than an hour later, there were more than 6,000 responses, including one calling on the prime minister for an MMA bout and another simply asking: “Why are you?”

There have been many serious policy questions on issues such as electoral reform, climate change, health care and electric vehicles, and many angry responses calling for Trudeau to resign.

But Trudeau also created an opportunity for himself to respond to whether dogs would wear pants that covered only the hind legs or all four, and whether grated cheese was part of the curry — “yes or no.”

The call came after the House of Commons went on recess for a day.

Trudeau’s post included a close-up video, though shot in candid style, with a row of Canadian flags in the background.

“Hello everyone. As the end of the year approaches, I’ve done a lot of TV, newspaper and radio interviews,” he said in the video.

“They ask a lot of good questions. But I know you have, too. So, let’s hear from them.”

Some questions, such as those from former CBC meteorologist Claire Martin, who wondered about the Prime Minister’s morning routine, may have been predictable.

There were also sarcastic comments reminiscent of photos of Trudeau wearing blackface that emerged in 2019, or questions about how the head of government spent his time after canceling his Disney Plus subscription – referring to his deputy Chrystia Comments by Chrystia Freeland earlier this fall.

and inquiries about the World Economic Forum. And whether he can “become President of the United States.”

In the less predictable category: “Could Jesus Microwave a Burrito Too Hot for Himself?”

Or: “Do you remember skiing in Whistler and arriving at the Delta Mountain Inn in 1988? Your (sic) dad only tipped me $5 for a lot of bags, but I guess I just met him for bragging rights feel happy.”

Many responses simply boiled down to: “When did you start answering questions?”

The Canadian Press report was first published on December 15, 2022.

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