Trudeau gets tough on Poilievre in speech to Liberals

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a hard line against his Conservative opponents in a Liberal speech on Wednesday night, taking direct aim at Pierre Poilievre’s claim that Canada “is broken.”

“Canada is not collapsing,” Trudeau told more than 2,000 Liberal Party members at his first in-person national Christmas party since the pre-pandemic era.

“Mr Poilievre may choose to undermine our democracy by amplifying conspiracy theories. When journalists ask him tough questions, he may decide to run away. That’s how he branded himself. That’s his choice. But, When he says Canada is broken, that’s where we draw the line,” Trudeau said to applause.

“Let me state it for the record: Canada is not broken,” the prime minister said, going on to cite the example of Canadians helping to rebuild post-Fiona and the decline of women being able to re-enter the workforce because of child care fees.

The attack came in response to Poilievre’s assertion, in remarks he made before meeting reporters in Vancouver in November, that “it feels like everything is Now it’s broken in this country. “

In his roughly 20-minute speech, the prime minister sought to wrap the Liberals around the progress the federal government had made over the past few years, pleading with party faithful that despite Poilievre’s “reckless” leadership, the Conservatives “are not our enemy.”

While noting that this year has been a particularly difficult one for many, from “global inflation” to “illegal occupation” – a reference to last winter’s “Liberty Escort” protests – the prime minister implored the Liberals to remember what they fought for The goal.

“We will get through these difficult times because we will work together. This is important: When we say we are building a better future for everyone, we mean all Canadians, no matter who you vote for,” the prime minister said .

Trudeau also seizes on this week’s Mississauga-Lakeshore in speech Federal by-election winwhich saw former Ontario finance minister Charles Sousa elected.

The prime minister attributed his victory – keeping the Liberal Party seat – to Sousa running with a “positive message” and to Poirier’s failure to run.

“It was a close contest and for the first time since Pierre Poilievre became leader. But where is the Conservative leader? He didn’t show up…he should have been the great contender, but he Didn’t show up, not even once.”

Trudeau believes it was because his team didn’t want him to wear the dress. spoke at his caucus meeting Earlier in the day, Poilievre did not address the by-election results.

“Believe me, as a leader, win or lose, you wear everything,” Trudeau said.

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