Skin Cycle: Expert Advice on TikTok Beauty Trends

after video “Slam”people putting petroleum jelly on their faces for extra moisture, and “face pats,” in which individuals stick tape to their skin overnight to prevent wrinkles — a new skincare trend is all the rage on TikTok.

“Skin Cycle” According to multiple videos on the topic, it involves scheduling the use of skin care products over multiple days, alternating the ingredients used to achieve the best results. The skin loop hashtag has been viewed more than 188 million times on TikTok.

Toronto dermatologist Dr. Renée Beach told CTV’s “Your Morning” Thursday that skin circulation is designed for people to use specific products on specific days.

“The benefit is really consistency,” she said. For someone who has multiple products for different concerns, infrequent, regular use of those products can mean suboptimal results, Beach says.

The trend involves using products four days a week, cycling through a different product each day, and can involve using an exfoliator, a retinoid, and then repairing with a moisturizer like niacinamide, Beach said.

An example routine is to use an exfoliating product on the first night, followed by a chemical exfoliation with a retinoid product on the second night to promote skin cell turnover, followed by a moisturizing product on the third and fourth nights.

For acne-prone skin, a prescription retinoid is the most important product in the cycle because it’s a vitamin A derivative, Beach says. She recommends rotating your retinoid product three nights a week, alternating it every other day, and alternating your benzoyl peroxide product on the other three days.

One night a week can be a “rest” day, which suggests improvement should be seen within eight to 12 weeks, Beach says.

Those with sensitive skin should avoid products with too many fragrances and some natural ingredients, such as chamomile, she says. “Be gentler with the product, maybe every two nights,” says Beach.

People with dry skin will benefit from products containing hyaluronic acid to preserve the skin barrier and maintain it before using harsh products like retinoids, which boost cell turnover, she says.

But if the product is overused, skin circulation can cause irritation, she says. Retinoids, or acids, can cause problems for people with sensitive skin, she says.

“One to two days of continuous exfoliation can lead to redness, dryness, irritation, and flaking, and lead to darker, hyperpigmented skin,” she says.

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