Morning update: OSC loses case against executive in CannTrust marijuana scandal

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Sued three former senior officials of CannTrust Holdings Inc. has collapsed The underlying charges against the trio — that they allowed unlicensed cultivation at their company’s marijuana facilities — were false after a key government witness admitted.

In court yesterday, a lawyer for the Ontario Securities Commission announced the regulator was withdrawing its case against former CannTrust CEO Peter Aceto, former chairman Eric Paul and former director Mark Litwin.

Lawyer Dihim Emami said the OSC had reassessed the case and now “is of the opinion that there is no reasonable prospect of conviction”.

Former CannTrust CEO Peter Aceto (center) and his lawyer Frank Addario (left) leave Old City Hall on December 14, 2022.Eduardo Lima/The Globe and Mail

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Afghan refugees stranded for months in Pakistani hotel struggle desperately as they wait for news from Canada

The children of an Afghan man who worked as an interpreter for the Canadian Army ran up and down the lobby of a hotel in Islamabad waving small Canadian flags. They moved into a herd where the other kids lived.

The children of the interpreter always say the word “email”. They don’t know the literal meaning, but they understand that people are going to Canada when they get them.

The hotel is one of several in the Pakistani capital where Afghans approved to resettle in Canada stay while they complete their applications and wait to hear when they will get their flights. Some have lived in single rooms for a year or more, watching others leave and wondering why they were left behind.

they stay in pakistan Although they have completed every step required to travel to Canada Under the Special Immigration Program for Afghans working in Canada’s military and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan. Uncertainty leaves families confused and frustrated.

RCMP investigate false documents claiming Muslim charities funded terrorism

Canada’s largest Muslim community organization rocked by elaborate falsification of RCMP and Canada Revenue Agency records, weave an elaborate novel about Federal investigators used paid informants to build a terrorism financing case against the charity.

For more than a year, the Muslim Association of Canada has been receiving documents from an anonymous sender suggesting that authorities are trying to entrap the group and create unrest within the grassroots organization. It operates 22 mosques and community centers and 30 schools in 13 cities.

A Globe and Mail investigation found that the records mailed to MAC were false.The batch of documents includes what appear to be printouts of internal government emails between criminal investigators, fake RCMP search warrants and Fake money transfer records via the SWIFT interbank system to offshore accounts allegedly linked to charity insiders.

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Police say they will be working on the landfill search: Winnipeg police say they Will work with Indigenous leaders to determine whether the landfill could be searched for the remains of two women they believe were the victims of an alleged serial killer.

Ottawa says open to ‘fine-tuning’ gun control bill: The federal government has staunchly defended its gun control legislation that would make a large number of firearms commonly used by hunters illegal, but said yesterday It’s open to ‘fine-tuning’ billsThe law has the effect of a rare combination of opposition to government policy from left and right political factions, and has sparked friendly fire from the Territory’s premier and backbench Liberal MPs.

Fed raises key interest rate by half a percentage point: Fed stepped up efforts to fight inflation yesterday By raising the key rate It was the seventh rate hike this year and hinted at more hikes to come. But it announced fewer hikes than in the past four meetings at a time when inflation is showing signs of easing.

Toronto City Council votes to start changing housing policy: Toronto Mayor John Tory easily won council support yesterday Initiate the city’s most sweeping housing policy overhaul in decades. As Toronto grapples with a housing affordability crisis that threatens its appeal, a raft of proposals — ranging from more mid-rise buildings on major streets to allowing small apartments on every block in the city — come together.Additionally, in British Columbia, Premier David Eby and his new Housing Minister Two unusual temporary housing projects announced in Vancouver It will provide single rooms for 90 people and is the first sign of a new effort to address the province’s ongoing homelessness crisis.

National climate strategy priorities misaligned with risks, experts say: Canada’s $1.6 billion climate adaptation plan strings together a series of goals and priorities but fails to identify the country’s biggest climate change risks, A new expert report finds.

How ex-Ukrainian Laker Slava Medvedenko helped Kyiv teens play basketball: Former NBA star Slava Medvedenko’s top priority is rehabilitating a basketball arena in Kiev after the Russians failed to take Kyiv and pull their troops out of northern Ukraine. in august, He’s auctioning off his NBA championship ring and expected to raise at least $80,000 and managed to raise over $250,000 for them. The money allowed him to renovate the auditorium and arrange several sports camps for children.

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Fed view hits global stocks: Global Equities slipped for the second day On Thursday, the Federal Reserve said it expects interest rates to remain elevated for longer as major central banks make their final policy decisions for the year. At around 5:30AM ET, the UK’s FTSE 100 was down 0.70%. Germany’s DAX and France’s CAC 40 fell 1.34% and 1.35%, respectively. In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei closed down 0.37%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 1.55%. New York futures were in the red. The Canadian dollar was down at 73.66 cents US.

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editorial: “Health care reform is a complex knot that can be untied. Ottawa is off to a good start with proposed priorities in five key areas. Provinces should join this effort.”

Kessel Kelly: “Now that it’s almost over, we know what this World Cup will be remembered for… It’s Messi and whether he gets what the world expects of him.”

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For those of us who are settling down for the holidays, refusing to leave the house for reasons unrelated to the word “C19”.well, here Is the Top 10 list: A compilation of the year’s most overlooked, underrated, underrated and unfairly dismissed movies—and how you can watch (most of) them at home right now.

When: December 15, 1890

“The Capture and Death of Sitting Bull” print, 5 January 1891.Library of Congress / Library of Congress

death of sitting bull

Sitting Bull was a respected Hunkpapa Lakota leader who hated what white settlers and soldiers had done on the American Great Plains. In turn, the U.S. government hates and fears his strong opposition.By 1890, the great chief had fought a treaty he considered worthless; Army defeats and victories; fleeing to Canada; returning to the United States as a prisoner of war; participating in Wild West shows; and eventually moving to the Standing Rock reservation in present-day South Dakota. At this time, the U.S. government feared that Sitting Bull would become involved in the Ghost Dance religious movement—a movement that heralded the rise of the Indian messiah and the disappearance of the white man. On this day in 1890, at around 6 a.m., police and soldiers woke up Sitting Bull at his cabin on the Rio Grande, intending to arrest him before anyone noticed. The 59-year-old refused to go. One of his supporters tried to protect him and shot and killed a police officer who retaliated by shooting Sitting Bull in the head and chest, killing him instantly. Twelve other Native Americans were shot and killed in the ensuing shootout. Sitting Bull is still revered. philip king

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