Holidays pause gun bills amid shotgun concerns

Ottawa –

MPs working on the government’s proposed definition of an assault-style gun will resume discussions next month on whether to hear more witnesses amid fears the change would ban some common shotguns.

The House of Commons public safety committee, which is conducting an article-by-item review of the Liberals’ gun control bill, did not meet as planned on Thursday after the House adjourned on Wednesday.

The planned definition, the government’s amendment to the bill, has won applause from gun control advocates but has faced fierce opposition from Conservative MPs and gun groups who say it targets many conventional shotguns and shotguns.

The committee met Tuesday to discuss a proposal by Bloc Quebec’s Christine Michaud to pause review of the bill and hear witnesses on definitions.

Michaud proposed two more hearings, while an alternative scenario saw the committee hold eight more meetings, including a trip to the north to hear from Aboriginal witnesses.

Committee members have yet to finalize arrangements, with discussions now planned to begin sometime in January.

The Canadian Press report was first published on December 15, 2022.

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