87-year-old identified as Montreal driver who kept hitting baby in buggy

Montreal police have identified an 87-year-old man they say was behind the wheel of a vehicle that crashed into a stroller and drove away last month.

Police have asked the public for help in locating the driver, who has been recorded hitting a stroller that an Orthodox Jewish woman was pushing along a Montreal intersection.

The baby was taken to hospital as a precaution, but was not injured.

Quebec Jewish groups had feared the incident was motivated by hate because the crash happened in a Jewish neighborhood and the mother was wearing traditional Orthodox Jewish clothing.

However, police said Tuesday that they do not believe the hit-and-run was motivated by hate, but that the man was driving recklessly.

The Quebec Automobile Insurance Board is considering revoking the man’s driver’s license and the prosecutor’s office will decide whether to charge the man, police said.

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