Surgery delayed by rising RSV, flu cases?let us know

As Canadian hospitals face surge patients with respiratory diseasessome facilities have decided to postpone or even cancel certain surgeries.

In British Columbia, a six-month-old boy His heart surgery at BC Children’s Hospital canceled November due to lack of resources.Meanwhile, in Quebec, another child’s Kidney transplant surgery recently delayed Due to the large number of patients admitted to hospital due to viral infection.

Children’s Hospital has hit hard due to the increase in the number of sick people. This has forced some institutions, such as the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, to suspend some surgical procedures in the near future to “maintain critical care capacity.”

Has your surgery been postponed or canceled recently? Has this ever happened to your child or someone in your care? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Why is the surgery delayed or canceled? Can you rearrange the program? How long do I have to wait for results? How will you cope during this time?

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