Made-in-Ontario gingerbread house wins award south of the border

The shattered edible hinge didn’t cost her an award ribbon.

Beatriz Muller had no choice but to enter her gingerbread creation after the gelatin glass shattered during the 16-hour drive to Asheville, North Carolina. It probably broke her heart a little.

After all, this is the 30th anniversary of the National Gingerbread House Competition in the United States, where Muller has previously won first, second and third prizes.

“When you’re shipping something like this, there’s always the potential for something to happen,” Mueller said from her home in Coldwater, Ont., a few weeks after the November incident, about a half-hour north of Barrie. hour drive.

Muller finished second in the Adult category, narrowly missing the first place, North Carolina’s Ann Bailey’s “When Dreams Have Wings” Peter Pan ) theme works.

North Carolina’s Ann Bailey’s “When Dreams Had Wings” Peter Pan-themed entry won first place in the US National Gingerbread House Competition. (Source: Omni Grove Park Inn/Facebook).

Muller’s The Time of Christmas Past is more like a baroque or rococo gingerbread clock tower, echoing the pastel colors of blue and pink used in the Victorian era.

These aren’t the grocery story gingerbread houses you make with your kids.

Muller spent more than 300 hours on her tiny mansion, adding another 50 hours of design work and template creation before she even started baking.

“You try your best to organize your schedule as best you can, but when you’re close to a game, you’re still working 12 to 14 hour days,” she said.

Not only did she enter and judge the gingerbread house competition, but she also created for the company, and six of her creations were used by Warner Bros. The “Gingerbread Christmas” movie is streaming now on Crave.

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