IRCC’s skilled refugee resettlement program gets more funding

The federal government says it will provide more funding for a program aimed at bringing skilled refugees to Canada.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced Tuesday that it will provide Additional $6.2 million Six programs run by partner organizations Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot.

The federal government has described the program as helping skilled refugees immigrate to Canada through existing programs and connecting them with employers to fill labor shortages in high-demand industries such as health care, technology industries and information technology.

“Resettlement provides refugees with the opportunity to live safely and rebuild their lives, but this should not mean that their professional history is ignored in the process,” Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said at a news conference.

“Through this groundbreaking program, our government is allowing skilled refugees to continue their careers in Canada while giving employers access to global talent that highlights their professional achievements.”

“Over the next few years,” the federal government plans to take as many as 2,000 refugees through the program, which launched in 2018.

In the second phase, which is underway, the Immigration Service said it would resettle up to 500 refugees and their families.

As of October 2022, Canada has introduced more than 100 skilled refugees and their families through the program, the federal government said.

Partner organizations participating in the program include Talent Beyond Boundaries, TalentLift and Jumpstart Refugee Talent.

“Canada is taking important steps to create a more inclusive skilled immigration system,” TalentLift co-founder and managing director Dana Wagner said in a statement.

“Displaced talent needs the same access to work and skilled visa opportunities as talent from any other background,” Wagner said.

“It’s about fairness and supporting people to reach their potential while creating great value for our team and our community.”

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