CRA should warn benefit applicants about risk of kickbacks: Taxpayer watchdog

Ottawa –

Taxpayers Ombudsman Francois Boileau said the Canada Revenue Agency should warn Canadians applying for the benefit of the risk that other income support could be withdrawn.

In his latest annual report, Boileau recommended that the CRA make it clear to applicants that income-enhancing benefits may affect other benefits they receive.

Boileau said at a news conference today that the proposal was inspired by the experiences of some seniors who have seen their Guaranteed Income Supplement cut because they received COVID-19 benefits during the pandemic.

The federal government issued a one-time payment in April to compensate seniors affected by such clawbacks.

Boileau’s report offered the CRA additional recommendations to improve its service delivery, highlighting that 40% of inquiries his office received last year related to COVID-19 benefits.

The Ombudsman also raised concerns about vulnerable people not filing taxes and missing out on benefits, and said he would provide advice to address the issue in the future.

This Canadian Press report was first published on December 13, 2022

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