Canada Post holiday delivery deadline looms

This Window for sending cards and packages through Canada Post Just in time for the holidays to close.

The Canada Post website has a Online delivery of standard tools Help Canadians figure out how long mail delivery might take. The tool only works with Canadian postal codes.

Packages must be sent by regular mail by December 20th if you ship locally, or by December 22nd if you choose the Xpresspost or Priority Mail option.

Regionally, the deadline for regular mail is December 16-20, and the deadline for Xpresspost or Priority Package is December 21. Defined by Canada Post as: Atlantic, Central, Western, East Nunavut, West Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

In Canada, the deadline for sending packages by regular mail is December 9-19, and the deadline for Xpresspost or Priority packages is December 21.

To send the card, Canadians need to ensure the envelope is sent locally by December 20 and regionally by December 19. The national card deadline is December 16.

All deadlines for sending cards before international holidays have passed.

The deadline for sending packages to the US by standard mail has passed, but you can still send packages to the border by December 15th via Xpresspost or by December 21st via Priority Mail.

All other international shipping deadlines package passed.

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