Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend settles failed police raid

Kenneth Walker III, boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, stands next to a painting of her at a rally commemorating the March 13 death in Louis, Kentucky Vail’s Jefferson Square Park marks the second anniversary of the police break-in and shooting of Breonna Taylor’s home.Jon Cherry/Reuters

Louisville will pay $2 million to settle two lawsuits brought by the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who, two years ago, She was killed by police during a no-knock raid on her Kentucky City apartment.

Kenneth Walker filed a lawsuit against the city in state and federal court, alleging that plainclothes officers broke into Taylor’s apartment in a botched March 13, 2020, raid and killed the couple while she was asleep , violated his rights.

Taylor’s death “will haunt Kenny for the rest of his life,” Walker’s attorney, Steve Romins, said in a statement to The Washington Post on Monday. “He will endure the repercussions of being harmed by a forged warrant, being the victim of a hailstorm of shootings and suffering the unimaginable and horrific death of Breonna Taylor.”

Neither Rominez nor an attorney for the city of Louisville were immediately available for comment.

Walker fired once at what he said he believed to be an intruder. Three officers fired 32 shots, none of which hit Walker, but six of which hit Taylor, killing her. Walker was arrested and charged with attempted murder, but the charges were dropped.

Taylor’s death, along with the 2020 killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Georgia, among others, sparked outrage and sparked protests that reached reached the top.

Her killing also drew attention to no-knock raids, a controversial police tactic that can be dangerous for officers and civilians alike.

In August, U.S. prosecutors charged four former Louisville police officers with involvement in the raid. The federal charges come five months after a Kentucky jury acquitted former detective Brett Hankison of wanton endangerment. Stray bullets from Hankison’s raid hit neighboring apartments.

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